Steven is a researcher and developer based in Oslo, Norway. His main research topics include artificial intelligence (AI), with a focus on deep learning. Currently, he holds a full-time position at SimulaMet as a research scientist and serves as the CTO of Innsikt.AI, a new startup developing training software for police interview training focused on abused children. He has published several papers on AI across a diverse range of topics.

I offer my expertise for consulting services in specialized domains such as machine learning applications in high-risk industries, ethical AI practices, and AI-driven product innovation. For inquiries or to discuss potential collaborations, please reach out to me at

You can find a short version of his resume below, and the full PDF version is available here.


Research Scientist
2021 - present
Conducted interdisciplinary research in the application of AI in medicine and education, with a focus on algorithmic transparency. Worked on projects to integrate AI technologies in practical healthcare solutions, enhancing patient outcomes and system efficiencies.
2023 - present
Directing the technological strategy and innovation at a leading startup dedicated to the development of virtual child avatars for sophisticated police training, aimed at sensitive interviews with abused children. Innovating in the application of AI and VR technologies to establish realistic and ethical training environments.
Associate Professor
2023 - present
I am an associate professor at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet), focusing on machine learning solutions for musculoskeletal disorders. Responsible for student supervision, development of novel machine learning algorithms, and conducting influential academic research.
Data Scientist
2022 - 2023
Designed and implemented algorithms for automated clipping and highlight generation in soccer matches. Developed software for detecting and preventing match-fixing, enhancing the integrity of sports analytics.
2017 - 2018
Optimized table rendering processes and contributed to the development of applications geared toward efficient data access and management.
2014 - 2016
Architected and engineered a comprehensive loan management solution using the .NET framework for a U.S. mortgage provider. Worked across the entire stack development lifecycle, from database design and back-end logic to crafting dynamic front-end interfaces.


Educational Council
2023 - present
Contributed to shaping the educational strategies and initiatives in AI across Norway as part of NORA’s educational council. Played a key role in driving forward the agenda of integrating AI into broader educational frameworks nationally.
Challenge Organizer
2018 - present
Organized and led multiple challenges across renowned workshops such as ACM MultiMedia, ICPR, ImageCLEF, DLAMC, ICMR, and Nordic AI Meet. Developed challenge themes, managed participant outreach, submission evaluation, and ensured smooth operation of challenge sessions.
Main Organizer
2018 - present
Actively involved in the central organization of MediaEval, an annual international multimedia workshop. Responsible for overseeing key aspects of the workshop, including program planning, speaker coordination, and participant engagement.
Program Committee
2018 - present
Actively involved in the technical program committees for several high-profile conferences, including: ACM MM, ACM MM Asia, CBMS, ISMICT, MultiMediaEval, ICME, Nature Scientific Reports, and Nature Scientific Data.
Conference Organizer
Contributed to organizing NAIS’s annual conference, focusing on advancing and showcasing the latest developments in artificial intelligence in Norway.
SIGMM Records
2019 - 2023
Served as an editor for SIGMM Records, responsible for the interview section.
OsloMet AI Club
Journal Club Coordinator
2019 - 2020
Initiated and coordinated a bi-weekly journal club for the AI Lab at OsloMet. Facilitated discussions on recent advancements and research in AI, promoting a culture of continuous learning and academic discourse.


2018 - 2022
Computer Science, Simula Metropolitan, Norway
Focused on developing methodologies to improve transparency and interpretability in AI systems used in healthcare, contributing to the field of ethical AI. Collaborated with medical professionals to align technological advancements with practical healthcare needs
2016 - 2018
Computer Science, University of Oslo, Norway
Developed a system for automatic report generation of gastrointestinal procedures, using deep learning and explainable AI to explain the results to medical doctors.
2012 - 2015
Information Technology, University of Oslo, Norway
Developed a cross-platform mobile application for the Norwegian Seamen's Church using Ionic Framework. This project demonstrated practical application of software development skills and provided a valuable service to the community, enhancing the accessibility and functionality of the Church's digital presence.


You can contact me at